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HAVELI (a unique theme dhaba) was opened in 2004 Jan, by Mr.R.S. Grewal in Punjab. HAVELI is located on Ludhiana-Ferozepur highway (near Mullanpur), 5 kms from Ludhiana city. Given the locale and the surrounding scene, this dhaba is wildly popular amongst everyone. As per the vision of the proprietor, the idea is to serve pure and simple, freshly-cooked, , nutritious traditional Punjabi vegetarian dishes in ecumenical prices, which is agreed by many.

They also cook food with less oil and butter, making it a good to eat, even on a daily basis. It is a vegetarian Dhaba and no liquor is served there.

HAVELI have nice and beautiful building on one side of the building are thatched stalls to whet the appetite of those waiting to enter the Dhaba or for those who wanted to have light mini meals only. There are stalls for confectionery, chat, gol guppa, Dosa, Idli, Popcorn, Pav Bhaji, Jalebi, Gulab Jamun, Ice Cream and shakes, Kulfi, noodles etc. There is also one stall with various computer and video games for children. In the centre of the open space there is a well with a rope and bucket to give you a feel taking out water from a well.

Inside it is fully air conditioned. The hall is about 80’ X 80’ in size, tastefully decorated in typical village style. All traditional items used in a Punjabi village are on display in various corners.

HAVELI the only place in Punjab for enjoying the Punjabi dishes with your family for getting Punjabi atmosphere. Never seen before in northern India. It is a place of tourist attraction.
A must for every person to come and enjoy the traditional Punjabi vegetarian dishes in homely atmosphere.


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